Trends in mortgage loans to non-residents since Covid-19

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Carte Financement has helped non-residents finance their projects for over 10 years. Unfortunately, it is increasingly difficult to find appropriate solutions. It is becoming harder to obtain a non-resident mortgage loan. Lending to non-residents has always been more complicated than lending to residents. Why is this? Mortgage loans are mainly loss leaders Mortgage loans have […]

FATF lists and anti-money laundering


The FATF plays a key role in work on anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) by establishing international standards and regularly publishing lists of those countries deemed not to be making enough effort in these areas. For nationals of these countries and French nationals living in countries on the black or grey […]

Mont-Blanc valley real estate: price and market

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“Purchase prices of the Mont blanc Valley real estate have risen 5% over the last six months”, says Yves Vannoye, manager of VIP Chamonix Real Estate. While restrictions connected to the public health crisis have made seasonal rentals this season extremely difficult, the prices of apartments in Chamonix and the Mont-Blanc valley are on the […]