Financing a castle in France from Panama : Testimony

Financing a castle in France from Panama : Testimony
Financing a castle in France from Panama


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[vc_row][vc_column][us_separator size=”small”][vc_column_text]Certain countries and certain types of properties are more difficult to finance than others for banks. Being a non-resident in Panama and applying for a mortgage to purchase a château in France is, for example, a situation which the latter have sometimes had difficulty facing. Using a mortgage broker enables these non-residents with complex profiles to maximise the chances of their project succeeding. Here is the account of one of our clients who we have accompanied throughout his financing.

Tell us about your profile

I am a regional manager in a large international group. I have lived in Panama for 8 years and I am aged 48.

What real estate venture did you finance with Carte Financement ?

I financed the acquisition of a small XIXth century château with 8 bedrooms in a village in the Vienne département. I purchased this property with a view to making it my secondary residence.

Did you approach your bank in France at the beginning of this process ?

I do not have a bank in France. In fact, I lived in Spain for 15 years. I contacted by Spanish bank, which did not want to finance me.

What, in the end, made you decide to use the services of a mortgage broker ?

I saw that access to the French banks was fairly different than in Spain or in Panama, particularly from abroad, and I thought using a mortgage broker would be a good idea, which was the case.

Why did you choose Carte Financement instead of a more traditional mortgage broker ?

I quickly realised that Carte Financement had a more serious approach to the subject, particularly in view of my country of residence, Panama.

How did Carte Financement help you obtain financing your castle in France?

Carte Financement took care of almost everything: assessing my file, selecting banks, negotiations until the release of funds and signing at the notary’s office.

Did you have to travel to France or were you able to do everything remotely ?

I was able to do almost everything remotely. I just had to travel once to meet my advisor at the bank once everything had been approved.

How long did you have to wait between your first interaction with Carte Financement and obtaining your loan ?

Approximately 5 months.

What did you think about Carte Financement’s fees compared to the quality of service rendered ?

Although high, the service provided was exceptional, and I was happy to pay the fees.

If you had to describe Carte Financement in a single world — e.g. advice, expertise, availability — what would it be ?

Solution, which in my case was not obvious.