Obtaining a loan to invest in France from Singapore : testimony

Obtaining a loan to invest in France from Singapore : testimony
Obtaining a loan to invest in France from Singapore


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Finding a mortgage that takes into account the restrictions of expatriates is not always easy. Banks are limited in what they can provide, and they do not offer the best loan conditions. Carte Financement regularly helps expatriates to finance their investments from overseas, without having to travel. Here is the testimony of a salaried couple based in Singapore.

Tell us about your profile (employee, business owner, country of residence, age, etc.) 
We are 34 and 31 years old and are employed by two international banks.We moved respectively to Singapore in 2010 and 2015.

What type of property project did you finance with Carte Financement? 
We bought a 60 sqm flat off-plan located in Asnières-sur-Seine for a pure investment. The loan to value obtained was 76% of the purchase price.

Did you approach your bank in France at the beginning of the process? 
Yes, we consulted our bank.

If so, what was the feedback? What difficulties did you encounter? 
We encountered several difficulties. Either there were no mortgages offered to non-residents, or the conditions were not good (high rate, short repayment period, requirement to open an account/deposit guarantees or travel to France to meet the bank).

What, in the end, made you decide to use the services of a mortgage broker? 
We wanted to make sure to finalise our project by using the services of a broker understanding our situation (non-French resident).

Why did you choose Carte Financement instead of a more traditional mortgage broker? 
We contacted Carte Financement on the advice of friends who had used the company, but we mainly took the decision after our first contact with our adviser Haiyin. Her expertise confirmed our decision and we quickly realised that we would be able to work effectively and responsively by email, which is a great advantage with the time difference.

How did Carte Financement help you obtain financing? 
Carte Financement helped us by offering several financing options and, above all, by assisting us throughout the process. Our adviser was very responsive and answered all our questions by email. She also gave us advice on our plans as well as on the financing. As this was our first purchase, we had some fears and uncertainties which were cleared up fast with our adviser Haiyin’s support.

Did you have to travel to France or were you able to do everything remotely? 
We were able to do everything remotely from Singapore without having to come to France.

How long did you have to wait between your first interaction with Carte Financement and obtaining your loan? 
It took 3 months to finalise everything.

What did you think about Carte Financement’s fees compared to the quality of service provided? 
The fees are reasonable and in line with the level of the service provided.

If you had to describe Carte Financement in a single world — e.g. advice, expertise, availability — what would it be?